Some examples for applications of the CCMS:

However, these examples are not limiting and this new technology can be used for a part or a whole surface of any metallic (mainly steel) object which needs to be protected against corrosion, more effectively, easier, and cheaper than conventional cathodic protection methods.


 Thanks to the characteristics of the Copsys Corrosion Management System (CCMS) there is no need to measure soil electrical resistivity in different areas of the pipeline path or to use backfill for the anodes. Complicated calculations and design considerations are ...

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Marine Vessels:

Thanks to the specific characterization of the Copsys Corrosion Management system (CCMS), intermittently exposed components can be well protected along with continuously submerged parts as compared to conventional cathodic protection methods. That is, parts of ...

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Automotive Industry:

Copsys Corrosion Management System (CCMS) removes or reduces the need for double-sided galvanized steel sheets while enhancing the corrosion resistance of the car body panels. Therefore the inner surfaces of body panels can be bare steel ...

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Steel structures, Bridges, Offshore Platforms, etc.

For steel constructions such as piers, pipe pile piers, offshore platforms, bridges, which are in contact with water in all conditions, can be effectively protected by the Copsys Corrosion Management System (CCMS). That is, parts of the structure subject to ...

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