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Copsys Corrosion Management System (CCMS) removes or reduces the need for double-sided galvanized steel sheets while enhancing the corrosion resistance of the car body panels. Therefore the inner surfaces of body panels can be bare steel without zinc coating, although the method can be used for galvanized steel and to protect sacrificial zinc coating as well. Hence, corrosion protection can be applied on the whole body of a vehicle, resulting in better corrosion protection, especially in severe corrosion conditions, along with the lower production costs.

Another benefit of the elimination or reduction of zinc coating on inner surfaces is the elimination or reduction problems in resistance welding galvanized steels in vehicle body assembly processes. Problems with resistance welding, such as spot welding or seam welding, zinc-coated steel sheet include the creation of brittle zinc-steel alloy which reduces the mechanical properties and strength of welded areas and negatively affects the aesthetic appearance of such welded areas.

Another benefit of the application of the Copsys Corrosion Management System (CCMS) is a dramatically increase in stiffness, strength, shock absorbing, and impact resistance of the vehicle’s body due to characteristics of the specific materials used in CCMS. This advantage would be a great help for vehicle body designers to increase the safety of vehicles in collisions while reducing the production costs, reducing the weight of the car’s body by eliminating one side zinc coating and reducing the sheet metal thickness, and reduction in fuel consumption as well.

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