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Copsys Corrosion Management System (CCMS)

Copsys Industries Inc., an Atlantic Canadian company has developed a proprietary technology called CCMS that is a novel corrosion management system based on Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) Systems. The technology reduces cost while allowing simplified design, calculation, and application. CCMS solves the limitations of conventional cathodic protection methods, including high maintenance, high running cost, complex setup, and high risk of interference with nearby electrical current sources known as stray currents (one of the most substantial cathodic protection design issues in pipelines and marine structures). The CCMS method is configured to provide uninterrupted protection on a structure – a significant improvement over conventional cathodic protection methods which require a continuous film of electrolytes.

Copsys product kit intelligently detects and locates corrosion prone areas even before corrosion starts. Thus, drastically reduces the maintenance, time and cost. 

Advantages of CCMS:

  • Fraction of the price of currently used methods.
  • Has been shown to be extremely effective at halting corrosion on different steel substrates under extremely aggressive conditions, including galvanized steel automotive body panels.
  • Backed by thousands of hours of research and experiments, including validation experiments with academic institutions.
  • Ease of implementation and capability to use in various industries, including but not limited to: Offshore and onshore constructions, pipelines (buried and non-buried), automotive and marine vessels.
  • Capable of providing corrosion protection to submerged marine bodies as well as to surfaces in intermittent contact with the sea water or moisture.
  • Capable of intelligently detecting and locating corrosion prone areas even before corrosion starts.
  • Drastically reducing the maintenance, time and cost. 

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